Advocacy: Through organizing, educating and advocating about asylum and immigration issues VIAA works to educate the public about our work and immigration issues in general. 

Asylum: VIAA is one of the primary organizations in Vermont offering advocacy and legal services to those individuals in need of protection from persecution in their home country through applying for asylum here in the US.

Canadian Bound Program: Since its inception in 1987, VIAA has worked to provide logistical and legal support to thousands of asylum seekers transiting the U.S. to apply for refuge in Canada. 

Criminal Issues: VIAA works to inform public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys of the possible immigration consequences of certain crimes and works with them to fashion alternate pleas which will not put their clients in removal proceedings.  We also work to inform the immigrant community of their rights and responsibilities under US law.

Detention Program: VIAA works with immigration detainees to determine their eligibility for relief and the means to obtain it.  An emphasis is placed on preparation for the bond hearing so that the immigrant can seek the legal support they need once released.

Torture Survivor Program: The newest program at VIAA works with other community organizations to provide, legal, mental and health assistance to survivors of torture in Vermont.

General Immigration Assistance: Since 1987, VIAA has offered general assistance for refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.  Presently, VIAA is primarily a legal services agency.  While our mandate is to serve the legal needs of asylum seekers and indigent individuals held in immigration detention centers, VIAA also provides limited general immigration services such as family reunification, green card applications and other types of immigration applications.

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